Azure Essentials

Front End Development


Front end development, animations


HTML5, CSS3, SASS, JavaScript, GreenSock Animation Platform, Visual Studio, Sublime Text


A landing page for the new Azure Essentials website that adhered to the branding guidelines and mock ups from design.
View code samples on GitHub.


Last year, Microsoft Career Center and Cloud Essentials merged to create Azure Essentials. This was a huge overhaul of their branding and a months-long website overhaul by Catalysis. The website launched in late September 2017 and was localized in 28 different languages. My role in this project was to relieve the senior devs work-load by taking over the landing page creation. The landing page was straightforward and simple. It had a big hero display, a video, and links to sign in to the full site.

The challenging aspect was to animate the hero section with code. I have worked with the GreenSock Animation Platform before and I knew I could get the results needed with it, so I incorporated the library into this project. This was a lot of fun—not only because it was such a high profile project, but also the collaboration within our team was strong and everyone communicated and worked together really well. That is such a huge and important aspect to projects like this.

Since the development process is very agile, the website has gone through many more transformations. The landing page now is very different and the animations have been taken down. Links for the current site and the web archive are below.

Azure Essentials